Stay In Beachfront Samoa

Samoa is an independent state which is located near the region of pacific-ocean in between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa is based on two islands Upolu and Savai’i and it has further seven smaller islets. Samoa is also known as “Cradle of Polynesia”. Its visual art, styles of dance and music are well known in the Pacific island and around the world. Samoa is famous for its beautiful shores as it an island. There are many other things which depict the vision of ancients and are eye captivating such as papapapaitai falls which is a 500 feet tall waterfall and passes in a volcanic crater which provides a unique view to one’s eye. Piula Cave Pool is present on a rocky beach away from the sea causes an attraction for tourists. Mount Vaea is present along the series of other mountains by providing an eye-catching view and it also provides a way for hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. Kava Kavings Handicraft shop is famous for selling native handicraft. There are also products which are famous in other parts of the country.  


As it is understood that Samoa beach resorts is an island is surrounded by water so there are so many beaches along with beautiful resorts where native people and tourists come and spend their holidays. There are many beachfront hotels and resorts in Samoa which gives and show you a traditional island culture. Some beachfront hotels and resorts areTanoaTusitala Hotel, Orator Hotel, Seabreeze resort, Saletoga Sands Resort, Samoan Outrigger Hotel, Sinalei Reef Resort, Return to Paradise, Coconuts Beach Club, Le Vasa, Sa’moana Surf Resort, Taumeasina Island Resort and The brand spanking new luxury resort in Apia. 

There are more hotels in Upolu than in Savai’i. The hotels Samoa range nearly about 16 while in Savai’i are approximately 3 in number. They all provide good accommodation in Samoa. All the hotels provide their facilities to the natives and the tourists. As hotels are big or small so the quantity of rooms is dependent on place and area of the hotel. Hotels are designed in such a way that they may provide the best view of the beach and other different areas. In their services spa is also included. One can take off his/her choice of the spa. In some hotels, there is also an outdoor pool so that if one has a young child then they may enjoy in these outdoor pools without the danger of huge waves of the sea.

In beachfront hotels, health clubs are made so that in case of an emergency one can be brought to it for medication. Business centers are built there as many of the important meetings are arranged at sea view side. Some hotels are famous for the advancement as they provide an airport shuttle. All the rooms of the hotel are designed in such a way that their terrace opens on seaside which may provide a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned and daily housekeeping is provided how long even you stay. Some of the hotels provide free breakfast, free parking and also free WiFi so that you get connected to your dear and beloved ones.